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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Engineering students find inspiration in the arts, becoming creative problem solvers.

Growth comes from the exploration, and Duke University’s two undergraduate schools, the Pratt School of Engineering and the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, offer endless opportunities for students to explore as they chart their individual courses.

Many engineering students incorporate aspects of their studies in the arts and humanities into engineering projects as they advance through their engineering coursework, while others focus their energy on completing multiple rigorous tracks of study. However a student chooses to orchestrate their own experiences, their mindset grows in creativity, alongside their willingness to approach challenges with flexibility and innovation.

Meet a danger, a designer, and a musician, and learn how immersion in creative pursuits shaped their Duke Engineering experience.

Fall 2022 Issue

The Roboticists Are Coming

Already boasting a strong team focused on areas such as precision robotic aids for clinical applications, controlling complex swarms of robots collaborating on a single mission, and securing autonomous systems from nefarious attacks, Duke Robotics is expanding its areas of expertise with the hiring of Siobhan Oca and Boyuan Chen.

Welcome to the Microbial Revolution

Say the word “microbe” and many people reflexively reach for a bottle of disinfectant. But where most see an adversary to be destroyed posthaste, Claudia Gunsch has always seen potential. She believes that microbiomes — the communities of microorganisms thriving all around us — can be engineered to serve both environmental and human health.

Beyond the Pinnacle

With the additions of Guillermo Sapiro in 2022, Duke ECE now has four faculty members who belong to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). The NAE’s peer-elected members hail from business, academia, and government and are among the world’s most accomplished engineers.